Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. "The Merthyr Telegraph" 7 May 1870 (digital images), Findmypast (, accessed: 6 January 2018), page 3, column 1, headed Dowlais.

Text from source:

EXPLOSION AT THE VOCHRIW PIT-TWO MEN AND 15 HORSES KILLED.-A fearful explosion occurred late on Saturday night at No. 2 Vochriw, the property of the Dowlais Iron Company, by which two men lost their lives-one man was killed on the spot, and the other died on Tuesday evening at five o'clock. The latter had been in a state of unconsciousness since the time the accident happened up to the time of his death. It was very fortunate that no more than these two men were in the pit at the time, or the loss of life would have been much greater. Their names were Robert Hughes and Thomas Jones. These two men were in charge of the hores, but were found in the roadway between the stables. It appears that the accident was dis- covered by a flueman of No. 1 pit, between eleven and twelve o'clock at night, who smelt the sulphur coming up No. 2 shaft. He at once gave an alarm, and a number of men descended the pit and found Robert Hughes and Thomas Jones near each other, one dead and the other in an unconscious state. The pit it appears is greatly damaged, hut the cause of the accident is not known, and in all probability never will be. This pit has been a very unfortunate one, for on two former occasions the winding rope broke and caused the death of several men. Last Saturday likewise a man named Robert Jones was killed at this pit by a fall of rubbish, which was about thirty tons weight. An inquest was opened at the Holly Bush, Dowlais, on Tuesday, before George Overton. Esq., coroner, ,touching the death of Robert Hughes and Robert Jones but no evidence was taken. It was adjourned until next Tuesday, when it is expected that Mr Wales, the Government Inspector, will be present. ... Thomas Jones, who died on Tuesday evening, was thirty years of age. It is only a fortnight since he left Pond-street, Dowlais and went up to the Vochriw to live. He leaves a wife and two children to mourn his loss. He was buried at the Cefn Cemetery on Thursday. Great sympathy is felt in Dowlais for the relatives of these poor men, the synpathy being greater owing to the fact that the poor fellows were sober, indistrious, kind in their families, and peacable among their neighbours.