Wales, birth certificate (certified copy) for Mary Jane Roberts, born 12 April 1890; registered Jun quarter 1890, Merthyr Tydfil district Upper Merthyr Tydfil Sub-district, County of Glamorgan and Brecon; General Register Office, Southport.

Text from source:

CERTIFIED COPY OF AN ENTRY OF BIRTH Pursuant to the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953
Registration district Merthyr Tydfil
1890 Birth in the sub-district of Upper Merthy Tydfil in the Counties of Glamorgan and Brecon
No. When and where born Name if any Sex Name and surname of father Name surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature description and residence of informant When registered Signature of registrar
204 12 April 1890 1 Well Street Cefn, Vaynor Brecon R.S.D. Mary Jane Girl Henry Roberts Margaret Roberts formerly Jones Coal miner X the mark of Margaret Roberts Mother 1 Well Street Cefn, Vaynor, Brecon 2 May 1890 D. J. Morgan