A postcard view of the British ocean liner "RMS Andania" of the Cunard Line

Wrights across the Pond

Wright, Records

One of the pleasures of revisiting my family history research is taking the time to fill in details I previously skipped over, either because I didn't know enough to do the research competently or the relevant records weren't available online and I couldn't/can't visit the archives in the USA...

16 Jan 2017
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The Wrights at war

A window on history, Wright

My great-grandparents John Stanley Wright and Mary Ann Harper had six sons between 1883 and 1899, so all of them were of an age where they might have served in World War I. Five of them did serve, and all of those survived, which was a blessing denied to very many families. But no family in...

11 Nov 2016
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Promotional still from the 1938 film The Lady Vanishes,

The Lady Vanishes

Process, Records, Wright

Anyone who has been researching their family history for any length of time will recognise the problem: you find a woman in a census with her parents but after that she falls completely out of sight.  In England and Wales, I find it a particular challenge for women born in the last part of the...

2 Nov 2016
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