"Seren Cymru" 11 October 1907 (digital images), Welsh Newspapers Online(https://http://newspapers.library.wales, accessed: 3 April 2018), page 3, column 2, headed At Olygydd "Seren Cymru".

Text from source:


You will see that it will be good for the following few lines to be
shown in the Seren. I read the article in the Seren of 19th of July
1907, under the headline, "An overview of the history of Hermon
Church, Fishguard", by Mr L Evans, from the office of The Echo,
secretary of the church. I felt truly grateful to Mr Evans for his readable article.
I gained a lot from reading it, and more than once; but I was also
pained when I saw that some of the dates were so error-ridden and misleading.
For some weeks I have confidently expected him or someone else to
correct them, but, so far, completely in vain.

For one thing, it/he says that the late Rev John James of Felin Trecwm
died in the year 1825; if so, he would have died before my birth, but
I remember Shon Shams from the Mill when a young boy, for that is how
he was known in the neighbourhood. He was alive in 1855, when I left the area for Glamorgan.

It is likely that he died in 1858, because the Press Report in the
'Gomer Star' of January 1859 calls attention to the Mirror (Drych) by
T E James (T am Ieuan); and in the death notices of the Mirror or the
Diary for 1859, there is a memorial to the death of John James, Bulah,
Dyfed; and it was Bulah that Shon Shams was a member of, as I remember it.

Also, the article says that the Rev James Richards and Hermon church
worshipped (etc) in Pen Tour, the Methodist chapel, in 1852, but
Richards had left years before that; because Richard Owen was the
Hermon minister and chair of the Pembrokeshire "Cymanfa"
(community/group thing) in 1841. I remember him there around the time of the Bulah Cymanfa in 1849.

That was the year Thomas Gabriel Jones ceased his ministry in Bulah
and Casmael, and in the Rev D W Morris (Marmora) of Haverfordwest
College was ordained in his place in 1850, but that is not relevant to
the matter at hand.