Finding a needle in a haystack

Records, Jones

I've been blessed with very common surnames in my family — my grandparents were named Wright and Brookes and Jones and Roberts. But the most challenging recent line so far is my maternal grandfather's: he was Tom Jones son of Thomas Jones son of Thomas Jones, and all born or living (yes, you've...

27 Sep 2016
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Shakespeare's will

Take any will with a pinch of salt


I've just been reviewing my mother's will and have been given a salutory reminder that any historical will that I find may be a very misleading document!

My mother's circumstances changed drastically between making her will in 1979 and dying in 1987, with the result that none...

2 Sep 2016
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Image of a young hand in an old one

The Young Ones


It's easy enough to decide what information to publish about living people (clue: none) but what should I record in my family history database?  Anything I do record runs the risk of being published if I have a moment's inattention;...

21 Aug 2016
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Work in progress

Work in Progress

My website has needed an update for a very long time, and I've finally got around to it — or to starting it, at least.  It will always be a work-in-progress, but it now has a brand new look and feel that will (I hope) make me more inclined to update it regularly, especially as my work on reviewing...
14 Mar 2016
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