Photograp of a willow gragon in a wood

Are you sitting down?

Do you have your smelling salts to hand?


Because I've got some shocking news to break to you.

There are errors in my family tree: misunderstandings, misinterpretations, omissions, assumptions, unjustified conclusions, and every other kind of error to which family history research is prone. Worse, some people have taken my errors and grafted them unchecked into their own family trees, and thus my errors have propagated.

It would be safest if I don't publish my findings until I know for sure that they're one-hundred percent perfect, otherwise known as never. But what's the point of doing the research if I'm not going to share it.

My compromise? Starting in 2016, I have been reviewing every element of my tree: re-examining the evidence, overhauling the citations that support my conclusions, trying to correct the errors and omissions; and you can find the results on this site. The tree will still contain errors and omissions (see above about one-hundred percent perfection), but I hope there will be fewer of them. And if you find problems, let me know; anything you can clarify or add will be gratefully received, although (no insult intended) I will double-check everything I add to my tree and I hope that others will do the same if they build on my work.

Start at Name Index if you want to see a simple, filterable list of the individuals in my tree; at Search Tree if you want to do a more detailed search; and at Peggy Jones' Ancestors or Ron Wright's Ancestors if you want a navigable view of my parents' ancestry.