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image: Interior of a billet with bunk beds and Women's Land Army girls preparing for bed.

One woman's war

Photograp of a willow gragon in a wood

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From little acorns...

It's been a while, but I've finally published a version of the tree I've spent the last couple of years reviewing and improving. Some people have vanished, some people have appeared, and inevitably there's still work to do on it. Which is what I like about Family History -- there's always something...
Picture of the GRO in Southport

Using BMD indices for England and Wales

Process, Records
I've been doing some research over the past few months that makes extensive use of the new indices recently published by the GRO of their birth and death registers for England and Wales. There are techniques available now that were not available without them. There have been online...
The church at Llanfair Nant Y Gof, Pembrokeshire

Books for Welsh Research

There is much in common between researching family history in Wales and England, but there is also very much that is different — like the use of patronymic naming, and the resultant limited variety in surnames; the prevalence of non-conformity, even the Welsh language itself as it is used in place...